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Set on two of the most remote islands, two stories 300 years apart: one of the 18th century “astronaut” stranded on an island with no water; another of 21st century tourists passing for modern day explorers.

Two stories set 300 years apart: a couple from a small town upstate New York takes a cruise to one of the most remote islands on the planet. The island is not particularly interesting or attractive, it doesn’t have great night life - it’s just a really long distance away from any civilization. Exploring the island they search for the end of the world to find their place in the universe.

300 years earlier, a Dutch sailor is marooned on another island 700 miles away. He keeps on searching for water and firewood but the barren volcanic Mars-like landscape of the island leaves little hope. His limited supplies dwindling, he prays to God holding onto the fantasy of survival. The indifference of nature forces him to face the potential of imminent death. He starts building rock structures trying to leave some mark of his existence on this planet.

The crew's physical pilgrimage to the islands is important as it merges art with reality. We, as filmmakers, do not only get to tell the story but live it too. Thus in essence we'll be making two films. One a narrative of the story; another making-of documentary showing inevitable struggles the filmmakers will have to face while shooting on such a remote location.

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