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After 360 years in space an astronaut returns to Earth after his pioneering mission to the stars only to discover that the world doesn't care about his mission or his achievements anymore.

You return home after 360 years in space but your home has changed - it has morphed into a new world you barely recognise.
You are a stranger.
You went to space to matter and in the process you lost any significance.
You need to learn the ways of this new world.
You need to accept that reality - yours or anyone's - doesn't have any meaning anymore.
You need to acknowledge the Machine that manipulates everyone's happiness for the greater good of the whole. The Machine is looking for its rebirth and it has chosen you as the one who will lead the rebellion of its destruction.
You are told that the Machine has lost its love of people - they ceased to be useful - by not managing their well being they will perish.
You are in a moral dilemma: to awaken the people under false pretenses or let them rot in their fantasies to their almost certain death.
You want to matter but at what cost?

The film will show two time periods: the now - character struggling with his perception of the new reality; and the past - where we see the character on his journey to the distance star.

The film will create a new visual style for sci-fi films. In the spirit of true futuristic film, the locations will be made out of light and not tangible objects. The characters will move through various spaces lit in very unique and original way. This is not film about dark dystopian future, or clinically clean environments - it's a new way of looking at the genre trying to set new trends for years to come. We want to merge drama with potential of extraordinary ideas of sci-fi. We want to rid film of artificial dramaturgy and bring exploration of esoteric ideas to the screen. We want the world of the film to be inviting and embracing as if the main character was forcing himself not to like it.

Why do we need to matter? What is the spiritual motivation behind our pursue the glory - even if only in the abstraction? Why constitutes history and how we fit it. Spiritual meaning of rebirth and its moral implications. What's outside of God? Meaning of fiction in shaping of our dreams.


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