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Romantic Drama

A kiss of two lovers gives birth to a new star where planets are born and new consciousness develops. Going through the ups and downs of their relationship the two will never know that their love was strong enough to change balance of the universe...

Stephan is making a documentary exploring intimacy in context of the lives and loves of several woman. Julia, Stephan’s sometimes collaborator, is engaged to her love of the past 10 years. In the final months before taking vows Julia cheats with Stephan and confesses this to only one source, the camera. Thus begins the films contemplation on what really defines the act of betrayal.

Seemingly having very little in common, Julia continues to “accidentally cheat” with Stephan who too is surprised to find that his attraction towards her grows by day. On the eve of her wedding she tells her fiance she will take vows but won't sign any papers and with that the marriage is off. Julia has to find herself as a single woman dealing with the potential and risks of the unknown while Stephan has to choose if his attraction towards Julia is love or simply an infatuation. Wrestling with their preconceived ideas about the other, relationships, the meaning of truth and true love; can once deceptive lovers find purity together.

Antonioni's "L'Eclisse"
Truffaut's "Jules and Jim"
Polanski's "Knife in the Water"
"Punch-Drunk Love"
"Sex and Lucía"
"Eyes Wide Shut"
"The Sheltering Sky"

Direction: Patryk Rebisz
Editor: Erinnisse Heuer
Talent: Adam Griffith, Tamar Pelzig
Director of Photography: Patryk Rebisz
Sound Design: Jacob McCoy
Color Grade: Lee Eaton
Music: The Vanguard, New Zion Trio
Art by following artist:
Christopher Jonassen (frying pans)
Stella Vernetzung (geometric universe)
Muge Yilmaz (tree trunks)
and a few others to be named soon

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Tupelo Productions, LLC
New York - Los Angeles - World
(347) 889-5938