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Romantic Drama / Comedy

When passion is not enough, Clara is on the hunt to have all the romance AND mainstream tradition fulfilled. She's looking for a Boyfriend Substitute for holidays and other major events to supplement her current boyfriend who refuses to join with her, feeling traditional holidays are forced and phony.

Some people look “just” for a person that makes them laugh; or “just” a person who will treat them well; or “just” someone they can imagine growing old with; but “just” doesn't satisfy Clara. Working by day for an ad agency, as a creative director - that’s anything but creative, she's left unfulfilled. But Clara has one major perk to her life: a romantic, passionate, adventurous, sizzling-hot lover named Jean Juan (JJ). Perfection in every way... but one - he refuses to engage in, what he deems, generic holidays or events out of a belief, "They lack the sparkles of passion. Weddings are forced. Friday night is the worst time to go to movies and dinner. Valentine's Day is for people pretending they're lovers.”

Disappointed with JJ's strict code of romance Clara starts looking for a “Boyfriend Substitute.” Along comes a new hire in her company, Chris, recently divorced and unmanly in every way. During their “dates,” Clara begins counseling Chris to grow up and find himself so that “You can know who you are before defining who you see yourself with.” Through her interactions with Chris, she realizes that her search for a “perfect” boyfriend was nothing more but a distraction from defining herself.

Truffaut's "Jules and Jim"
Godard's "Contempt"
"Devil Wears Prada"

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