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Drama / Fantasy / Adventure

A surreal coming-of-age adventure throwing a 20-something-year-old Alice in pursuit of a skater chick who’s in search of the wayward spirit of a 400 year old tree from the Amazon.

20 something-year-old Alice is a waitress with a fierce imagination but no real direction in life. After work, having had a bit too much to drink, she encounters a woman with a parasol sailing the streets of New York on a skateboard. Alice is intrigued and fascinated by this character who’s on a mission to search for a wayward spirit of a 400 year old tree from the Amazon jungle. Guided by a Rastafarian cab driver, challenged to defend herself in a mock trial to a panel of disembodied human television sets, cornered by tranny prostitutes, intimidated by roaches and rodents, she's taken through test after test to prove her worthiness to take over the skater chick's mission of finding the home for the life-force energy that's gone astray.

"Amelie" (visual style and vibe of curiosity about life)
"Eyes Wide Shut"
"Pans Labryinth"
"Three Colors: Blue" (visual style)
"Forrest Gump" (breath and scope)
"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" (visual style)

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