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Abstract Drama
(The project was inspired by speculating about stories behind images in photo books by Artus de Lavilleon. As the source material comes from images, one automatically rejects text and traditional story.)

A couple revisits significant moments that shaped who they are individually and to each other as they come to terms that her pregnancy will change their life forever.

He's an artist making small postcard-sized painting.
She's a journalist and pregnant.

As they are months away from bringing a new life into this world, the couple decides to visit places - both significant and seemingly trivial - that shaped their lives and their relationship.

As they rediscover their past, he questions the significance of his art and his relation to abstraction of eternity while she starts to understand that the baby will reshape her career but also her personal ambitions.

The main character of the film is the camera constantly moving forward through the space of each scene - always oblivious to the events or actions of the film's protagonists. We are witnesses through time. As the protagonists revisit their past, the camera moves forward through time of the film, thus the film is as much about their story as about the story's relation to continually passing time.

The film happens in 3 time periods: the past that shows us who they were before their relationship blossomed and how their relationship developed; the present that shows the couple on their journey visiting their family members and places of significance to their relationship; outside-of-the-film's time reflections on reality, fantasy and dream fulfilment (presented as title cards between various segments).

The film will have the energy of constantly moving forward. The time never stops, the characters never cease to move, the story keeps on growing. The actions are relatively insignificant - simple scenes filled existential questions and observations - but the energy of the film, despite the relative inaction, will never stop. Each shot will have a dolly moving forward in each scene. The dolly never stops. People just come and go sometimes entering the frame, sometimes leaving. The point of each scene is not what the scene on the surface signifies. It IS about the people in the frame but at the same time it ISN'T. The observer is the life's energy that gets to see the slivers of life from the couple's existence. The observer is an impartial witness that gets to see the relationship from an intimate perspective. But there is moreā€¦ By "being" the never stopping momentum of the film, the observer will start noticing other - seemingly non-essential - parts of the frame. Insignificant parts of the image will become significant only because they are in the center. Other parts of the frame taking up peripheral vision will become less significant depending on the overall frame set-up. As such the film will tell a story AND triggers "impressions" that let the viewer build up another story for themselves based on their own life's experiences.

The film will examine why meaning is necessary to lead a fulfilling life; if love ever stood in one's self fulfilment, what would one choose; can one's life only make sense when we accept its irrationality; why facing the wonders of the universe we sometimes feel nothing; how time, just like water that dissolves anything, can take its toll on any relationship; choosing belonging to clearly defined system versu freedom (and is freedom an actual freedom if morally one feels unfulfilled because the ones who chose "lesser freedom" gain more); dichotomy of woman as an object and a being, and man as material and spiritual creature.


[images above are property of Artus de Lavilleon]

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