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Using stories of three artists who have lost a sense defining their art, this visual essay explores meaning of images, fragility of memories and desire for relevance in today's world.

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A photographer, who is blind, questions the power of images in today's visually saturated culture. Forced to give up his dream of playing music due to his advancing hearing loss, musician must reinvent his future. A painter who lost half her brain, who was also the inspiration for the Academy Award winning film "Million Dollar Baby," searches for her place in life unsure of what she should be to the world. The film attempts to ask what it takes for someone to keep on going in times of uncertainty, and uses unique film form to produce the answers.

The viewers are taken on a journey into the lives of these artists through haunting images that avoid prosaic documentation. Talking is largely eschewed in favor of meaningful shots trying to put form to the indescribable, making for a rare film that is more an artwork in itself.

direction: Erinnisse Rebisz & Patryk Rebisz
featuring: Katie Dallam, Graham Sharpe, Alice Wingwall
produced by: Erinnisse Rebisz & Patryk Rebisz
co-producer: Zeberiah Newman
associate producer: Philip Rebisz
director of photography: Patryk Rebisz
editor: Erinnisse Rebisz
sound recording: Pablo Salaun (Paris, Ireland), Brett Van Deusen (Ireland), Adam Drakewolf (California)
sound designer: Keller McDivitt
sound mixer: Timothy Korn
colorist: Lee Eaton


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